The United Nations,  the second times in this decade, recognized the importance of chemistry in our life and honored  it by declaring 2019 as the International year of the Periodic Table (IYPT2019 at the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Periodic Table. The first occured in 2011, the International Year of Chemisytry (IYC11).

Dr. Attila E. Pavláth, who was American Chemical Society President in 2001, created a colorful posters series, Technological Milestones in Chemistry  (www.chemistryinyourlife.org) and used it for the celebration of IYC11 describing what chemistry contributes to our everyday life. He visualized a similar  poster series for IYPT2019 and asked Prof. Csaba Janáky, Chairman of the Hungarian International Chemical Science Chapter of the ACS  at University of Szeged, Hungary to convert the idea into reality. Prof. Janaky recruitedProf. Arwyn L. E.  Smalley, Saint Martin's University, Lacey, Washington, USA, who at that time was a visitingFulbright Professor at the University of Szeged to give  a communication course at the University of Szeged. Together they worked with 12 students of the University Szeged, Hungary develop this exhibit. This was created first in English but it is being translated worldwide to other languages. The translations will be uploaded to this webpage as they are completed.

Dr. Attila PavlathProf. Arwyn Smalley Prof. Csaba Janáky 

Students of the University of Szeged, Hungary:

Rita Achieng Akula
Lilla Balassa
János Börcsök
Ayaallah Mohamed Dweny
Anastasia Efremova
Michael Emmanuel
Krisztina Anna Karádi
Emese Lantos
 Nikolett Nagy
Eszter Orbán
Dániel Tanács
Réka Zahorán

If interested to translate it to a language not listed, please, contact :

Attila Pavlath
WRRC-USDA, 800 Buchanan, Albany, CA 94710
Tel: 510-207-8911, FAX: 510-559-5818
E-mail: AttilaPavlath@yahoo.com or AttilaPavlath@ars.usda.gov